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Jan 1 2017

New Year 2017

Today is January 1st 2017, many people will make a plan of this year. Different age has different plan. Young persons have their own idea and middle aged people have plans of their own. They all prepare their coming future, hoping to improve their life to be better and better.
The people, who make their plans for the year, are mostly far-sighted ones. They have their ideals, determination, wishing to do something better than the average people. But, actually they cannot do better. It is because that most of them only set a plan, but do not carry it out by action.
Towards everything in the world, if you only say and write, but with no action following, you can never reach a stage of success. They belong to the group of failure.
Therefore, when we make a plan of this year, do not make a difficult plan which may prevent you from carrying out. Better make a plan of easy kind and you complete it with persistence.
You must have a motto of persistence to carry out your plan, no matter how difficult it is, just like a sun to rise every morning, permanently.
Do not look ourselves too high. It is better to be an ordinary person, doing ordinary thing, but if you have a persistency character to do it, you are not an ordinary person. Build your character of persistency to turn difficult things, to be easy. If you fear things of difficultly, you will then be a person, roaming all your life in the edge of failure.