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Jan 2 2017

Fashion Master

Between the years of 1980 to 1990, there was a very famous fashion designer. His name was Karl Lagerfeld. Due to his excellent design, many male and female models wished that they could have Karl’s design for them.
Why Karl’s design was so famous. There was two events which made Karl popular and famous. One event was from Chanel whose business was heading downwards at that time. By the help of Karl who designed many new fashions for Chanel and then from that time onward Chanel was again powerful in the fashion field. Another event was from the Oscar actress winner, Nicole Kidman who was a good friend of Karl. Karl designed many fashion dress for Nicole, who not only beautiful in face, but also very sexy in figure. She enjoyed more fame than other models. On the contrary, she helped Karl to be more successful in his career.
A particular show which made Chanel to be a leader in fashion field at that time was a team of thirty female’s young models, all wearing black dresses in different designs. The show was very successful that black colour was so popular in fashion field that year. Karl later said that this black idea was from a dream.
Karl did not study fashion in famous school, nor he had any diploma. What his fashion idea was from his instant idea. It is true in some extent, but not entirely so. Actually, it came from many years hard work.
Karl had no family and lived alone. At his own room was full of fashion magazines and every day he draws almost over one hundred different fashion ideas, but only few would be adopted for his dresses.