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Jan 3 2017

Ballet Dance

The best dance in the world is ballet which is popular in Russia. In Moscow, there is ballet dance show every night and every day. Even in the Second World War, German bombers bombed Moscow every day, Moscow still kept ballet showing every night.
Ballet is a very high class dance which consist over one hundred young girl dancers with waltz as background music and beautiful dress. In the show of “Swan” all girls wear white dress, a scene of human swan.
Ticket of ballet is very expensive. Many Russian cannot afford to see it. If you want to send gift to a person, the best gift is a “ballet ticket”
If you travel to Moscow or Saint Petersburg and if you wish to see ballet, you had better ask travel agency to book ticket beforehand. Or you may not get ticket on the day of your arrival.
In America, there are also ballet Schools which hold competition for young dancers ever year who are at the age of nine to nineteen. There are about five thousand dancers in whole America. Junior competition will be held in different cities and finally about three hundred best dancers will join senior dance competition in New York.
It is a serious competition. The fate of those young dancers will be decided in this competition. Every dancer can have five minutes to dance in front of five judges whose marks will decide their future destiny.
Many dancers come from different parts of the world. They come just for one dream, hoping they can be best in competition, winning glory in the ballet in the ballet world. Of course, dream of many dancers will be broken.