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Jan 5 2017

Pacific Islands

There are so many islands in the Pacific Ocean, small and big alike. Those islands appeared by the result of the explosion of volcano under the bottom of the sea during the past tens of thousands of years.
When the volcanos exploded, million tons of volcanos liquids with red fires floated into the surface of the sea. By the coolness of sea water, those liquids became soiled rocks which gathered together into islands, big and small, spreading here and there in the Pacific Ocean.
As soon as an Island stood in the sea, human will come to live if the Island can supply natural water and trees. Animal will occupy the island which is deserted. Mirounga will live on one island and Penguins live in another island. Mirounga eat Penguin as food and Penguin swim in the sea to eat fish. One kind of big beautiful bird also lives in one of the islands. It is called Albatross. But, at June of every year, many sharks will swim to this island, swimming on the sea to and fro, waiting to eat Albatross. It is because that in June, young Albatross will start to learn flying to catch fish. But, many Albatross fall into the sea on their virgin fly. All those become the food of the sharks.
Some Islands are flat, even a car can drive on it. But, there are no human and animal livings in such flat island. It is that those flat islands only appear during the day and in the night the islands will sink into the sea. Even the fishes are afraid to swim to the flat islands during the night, fearing that they do not have enough time to swim to the sea when the tide fade away too quickly.