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Jan 6 2017

Pregnant Airplane

Many people know that Boeing 747 is produced in Seattle. All new planes will start their virgin flights from Seattle to make delivery to the different destinations of the world.
But, Seattle do not produce any plane. They just gather all plane parts which are produced in different countries, and then put all the parts together to make a perfect and safe plane which can fly in the air.
The body and wings are made in United States, engines are made in England, wings tips are made in Korea, wheel structures are made in Italy, and tails are made in Japan. But how are these parts being brought to Seattle.
In America, there are four extra huge jumbos. Such mother planes are designed to transport the huge body of 747 from production place to Seattle. When the body is discharged slowly to the ground, it looks like a baby born by mother.
Of course, we know that it is absolutely difficult to connect wings to the body. But, judging the air disasters in the past, there never any wings disconnected from body.
Since 1903, Wright brothers invented glider up to the time of Boeing 747. Ticket price has been acceptable to everyone to travel to every part of the world.
According to flight records, there are five thousand million flights each year, but air disasters are not so many, much less than the car accidents occurred on the road.