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Jan 7 2017

Beauty Brings Disaster

In China history, there were four beautiful women, but three of them died young, one disappeared in a foreign land. Therefore, their beauty brought them disaster.
We, Chinese, all know about the love story between Emperor Ming of Tang and Yang Yuhuan. Due to his deep love on her, Emperor Ming of Tang abandoned his duty to manage his country. Instead, he lived his life with her in dancing, feasting and in many ways of enjoyment. But, one day, a general in his army rebelled against the king and attacked king’s capital. King had to run away together with Yang Yuhuan to a safer place. On the way, his body guard armies also rebelled asking the king to kill Yang Yuhuan due to the reason that it was the Yang Yuhuan brother, who was then the Prime Minster and who provoked the war. The king, in order to protect his own life, obeyed the demand of his body guard army and executed her before the king’s presence.
Another one was Xi Shi who did great job for her country in the war, but when the war was over, the queen of her country put her to death by sinking her to the bottom of a river fearing that her beauty might win love form the king her husband.
Third one was Diaochan who was involved in love affairs by force between a general and a Prime Minster. The general killed the Prime Minster and became wife of the general. The general was killed by his enemy in the war. She suicided herself.
The fourth one is Wang Zhaojun who was forced by the king of Han dynasty to marry a king a foreign country, several thousand miles away in desert. No history record about her hereafter.