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Jan 8 2017

Beef country, Brazil

Today Brazil is a country which exported the biggest portion of beef to all over the world. At the present moment, Brazil has two hundred ten million oxen in the whole country, more than the human population. Besides, their territory is so huge, bigger than the whole Europe. Those conditions enable Brazil to breed ox in huge numbers.
In Brazil, the biggest cow farm has one hundred twenty five thousand cows, employing few hundred cow boys to manage the cows. They will take the cows to far away land to eat grass. The journey will take few days to go and come back.
There is also one farm which only breeds female cows, to be pregnant by artificial tactics, producing twenty thousand baby cows each month to supply the demands of various cow farms in the country.
But, Brazil now faces a problem. It is because that due to the expansion of cow business, many forests in the flat land have been destroyed, causing pollution problem to the nearby cities. This is the cost which Brazilian people have to pay.
Now, Brazilian beef has no high position of quality in the beef market. Beef specialists are studying hard to produce a good beef at low cost to invade the world market.
The American beef, under the brand name of Angus, is now quite famous in the beef market at a high price. The most expensive beef is now from Kobe, Japan. This beef is the best in quality in the beef market. Only rich people can buy such good quality beef, not quite affordable for ordinary consumer.