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Jan 9 2017

Alcohol Win Friend

In China, especially in business world, alcohol is the instant way to win friends. Alcohol can change your quiet manner into exciting mood if you drink much.
In a Chinese poem, it said that if we met a good friend, we could drink wine together for a thousand glasses and still would feel not enough.
It is true that we can build instant friendship through drinking alcohol together. It is because that by the force of alcohol to our blood, we will talk more openly and frankly.
If you want to do business in China, you have to drink alcohol to make instant friendship with those to whom you wish to sell or to buy, or you will fail in the competition of business.
From newspaper in China, we know many successful super-rich business men, aged at forty to fifty, died by the illness of cancer. It is because they drink too much alcohol every day. They bear the consequences by dying young.
Friends to drink together frequently are not real friends. They do not know each other so well. Today is good friend in drinking party and tomorrow will be a “Hello” stranger in the street.
We can see from one example that there was a rich painter, but he wanted to spend his money to invite his friends to his drinking party every night. After few years, he got cancer and became a patient in hospital. But, there was not a single drinking friend to visit him in hospital.