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Jan 10 2017

China Huge Construction

Presently big constructions in China win attention from the world. Especially in the past twenty years. China’s progresses in many construction projects have overtaken the world.
For example, at 1989, China had high-way only few hundred miles, but now there are around fifty thousand miles. America now has high-way of forty seven thousand miles. So far, China is ahead of America in little mileage. As how to measure the miles, we can see that from East Coast of America to the West Coast, the high-way miles are two thousand miles, Shanghai to Chongqing is one thousand two hundred miles.
In the world today, there are over one hundred high bridges which have been constructed in the wide rivers and between two high mountains, at dangerous valleys. Among the one hundred famous high bridges, China has about fifty bridges. This is in high ratio among high-bridges in the world.
Now we all know that we depend our transportation of goods on containers which being shipped from one country to another. There are ten big container ports in the world, and six of them are in China.
Inside of China, progress is also fast. For example as in Shanghai, where now has a population of twenty one millions, and still ten thousand of people rushing into Shanghai every week from different part of China. Resident places are now getting severe. Shanghai now is building new resident apartment day and night to face the demand which will require endlessly.