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Jan 11 2017

Love Yourself

In our normal conversation, we always say “I love you” or “I love him”, but never say “I love I”. Actually we have already shown that we are the real person to love ourselves by action. That is “We are selfish”, though we do not admit.
However, there is a boarder line in the word of “Selfish”. To be selfish to protect ourselves is right, but to be selfish to take advantage from others is wrong. In the present world, people, who are fair, are not many. Majority people are inclined to take advantage from others for their own benefit. We can suffer a little, which we can afford to accept but in the key benefit we have to protect us from losing. Too big loss will cause us to have serious consequence in our life now even in our future life. Therefore, we must have our wisdom to protect our benefit from being taken by other people.
There is a true example of “Love yourself” from a frank conversation of a child. Not long ago, in a city of China, there was a family of five, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, a female child of six. One day, grandfather was sick and the child asked what was the meaning of “sick”.
Grandmother explained that when a person became old, he will be sick and die. Child asked what was the meaning of “Die”. Grandmother said “die” meant a person could not speak and eat any more and to be buried underground forever.
After hearing this, the child began to cry loudly with tears from her eyes. Whole family was touched deeply for her sentiment to her grandfather. But, when she stopped her crying, she said that she did not cry for her grandfather. She cried only for herself that one day she would get old and die same as grandfather. Thinking of her dying one day, she could not control herself to cry just now.