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Jan 14 2017

Tiger Life, A Dream

In Asia, tiger is king of animals. Lion can only be king of animals in Africa. Tiger lives in the deep and high mountain, overlooking its territory in a wide range. When most animals see the tiger, they will swiftly run away to escape for life. Tiger can be found in the South Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and in India there are more tigers. Of course, in the South West of China, there are tigers, but not so many in numbers. In America or in Europe, there are no tigers whatsoever.
People kill tigers for the purpose of getting their skins and bones. Skin is to make coat and bones for medical purpose. Now government prohibits people to hurt or kill tigers because in China, tiger is getting less and less.
Tiger is king of forest, but in real life they also face sad disaster. From a documentary, we see that in India, a forest in the high mountain there lived a tiger family which consisted of a father tiger a mother tiger, three child tiger, living happily together in a long-abandoned temple. One day, a young male wandering tiger invaded their family zone and, of course, the father tiger fought against the invader. As a result, the father tiger died in the fight. The mother tiger, seeing the disaster, rushed out to some near distance place to attract the invader to follow her. The mother tiger knew that if the invader entered the temple, the three child tigers would be killed. The reality was that the mother tiger was forced to leave the temple to follow the invader to a new place, leaving the three child tigers unattended.