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Jan 15 2017

Seek imperfection

Whatever we do, we shall not ask ourselves to be too perfect. In this world, nothing is perfect. What we can do is to live under imperfection. Therefore, we must keep such a philosophy that imperfection is perfection.
Especially to people, we must not ask too much from them, otherwise we shall never be satisfied from what they have done for us.
Even we use a maid, we should not expect too high that she can do everything for us. They are poor people and low educated. They cannot think what we think. Better lower our expectation and accept what they have done for us.
But, to low educated persons, we cannot reason them, but instead we can only use force. In the modern way today, we can apply our right to fire them.
That is why in the ancient days, many male and female servants working inside the palace where king and queen lived. They were not subject to the law outside the palace, but they were under control of the king and the queen who could put them to death if those servants committed mistakes. Therefore, all the servants in the palace were very obedient or they can be put to death without a trial.
Nowadays human and animals are under protection by law. We cannot punish any one by our own liking. It is important for us to be lenient and patient should anything unpleasant coming to us. Actually, there are only few big things, except our life, which is worthy ourself to pay serious attention. To learn a philosophy of accepting imperfection is the best way.