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Jan 16 2017

Construction Of Spain

When we travel to Spain, first attraction we see “human via bull’ fight. This is the best amusement in Spain. We must see it. Fighters must be trained very young, mostly from poor family. If one of them is successful, he will be a star in the eyes of Spanish people. He can have wealth and glory, away from poverty forever. But, it is an exciting and cruel game. Spanish like it as well as tourist.
The Spanish dance of “flamingo” is also famous. This music is from Arabian, Jew, Gypsy combined. Flamingo means that this music belongs to poor and homeless people, with pure sentiment.
The standard of Spanish construction is also high. It is because that in the middle century, Arab invaded Spain and administered Spain for three hundred years, leaving a great deal of culture in the Spain and construction knowledge was one of them.
If you go to Mosque temple in the Spain, you will find you are in the realm of God. Inside the temple, you see so many thin long pillars, supporting curve roofs in which many famous painting were on them. When you are in the pillars forest, you do not know where you are.
In 1492 Christian came to power. Jew were driven out of the country and depriving Mohammedan privilege, Arabian language cancelled. In 1610, all Arabs were driven out of Spain.
In Spain, there is a famous palace, called “EI Escorial” which is very glorious, spending twenty one years to build by king of Spain, Philips, the second. The palace is a long square in shape and the length is one mile long, built on a more than ten square mile in a green flat land, no forest and no other building in that green land. It is an unique and a graceful building in that green area. Inside the palace, there is a big church, with famous paintings, one of which is about Jesus in taking off his dress before he was going to be crucified. The drawing was so impressed that we can see Jesus expression of pain and helpless mood at the very moment.