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Jan 17 2017

Nobody Helps You

Most of us have such a thinking that when something happen to us, we wish someone to help us. It is possible that our friends may help us by our request.
But, there are two things which nobody can help us. That is money and health. Money is the essence to our life and we have to acquire by ourselves.
Therefore, we have to earn money by ourselves absolutely. Money will not come to our pocket by itself. In order to get it, we have to get it lawfully either by labour or by brain work. If we can make money in legal way, we can enjoy our life peacefully or if we get money in illegal way, we shall have disaster afterwards.
At the same time, when we have made money, we must know how to keep it, or it will disappear like cloud in the sky or like falling flower on the stream, we cannot guarantee that what we earn today will earn again tomorrow.
As far as health is concerned, we absolutely have to depend upon ourselves. Doctor can only help us temporarily and we have to cure ourselves fundamentally by ourselves.
Therefore, we have to take care of our daily life very carefully in sleeping, eating, exercising, digesting in order to build our body as strong as possible to boycott any kind of illness which may attack us at any moment unawarely.