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Jan 18 2017

Young Nobel Girl

In 2014, the winner of “Nobel Peace Prize” was a girl under twenty from Pakistan. Why such a young girl could win such high glory and such big amount of reward money. Many people all over the world wished to know what she had contributed to the peace of the world. It is because that in Nobel history, no one in such young age could be a winner. By the record the average age of winner was at sixty two. Therefore, all newspaper over the world paid much attention to this girl.
Of course, there must be a reason of her success in this peace reward. The story went back that when she was in primary school, she rode school bus to school every day. One day, her bus was shot by a gun man, wounding her left brain. Luckily, she was saved by cure and survived. This shooting attracted attention from all newspaper reporter, who found that this girl was a person to claim the equality of education for girls. It was the reason that gunman wanted to kill her.
But, it was not so. She was just unluckily wounded in the action of terrorism. However, her bravery was that after she was shoot, she still cry loudly for the equal education of girls, fearing nothing of being shoot by the gunman again.
From that time onwards, she was so famous in the world that her photo appeared in the front page of “Time” magazine and also she was received by Queen of England and American President. Finally, she got the title of Nobel Peace Award in the year of 2014.