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Jan 19 2017

Now Is Forever

Sun rise and sun set, it is a normal thing of nature which is ever-lasting. For million years in the past, it never changes. But, we are human and when we come to this world, we immediately face a life of reality, sadness and happiness, disgrace and glory.
From our infant up to our old age, it is a long way to go. We live in the period of ever-lasting. We grow and die as a “must”. No one can escape from its cycle.
But, “ever-lasting” gives us today, “now”. Therefore, we must seize the very moment “now”. One philosopher said: “Action produce habit, habit produce character and character produce destiny.” Then what is the destiny which is “now”.
So, we can see our destiny is “now”. “Now” will make our destiny good or bad depending on what we do now. We are human of flesh, not a spirit which does not eat and a shadow only. But, we need eat when we are hungry. We fear cold and hot, itch and pain. We have happiness and sadness because we live in the reality in material life.
Therefore, we must seize “now”, to do what we should do, to fulfill our duty what we should fulfill. Do not think that life is too short and live a life playfully.
Do not ponder past, which is gone forever, whether the past is glory or disgrace. Do not depend tomorrow. Tomorrow is mysterious and unknown. Depend on “now” which is the only moment to bring you happiness.