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Jan 20 2017

King Lear

“King Lear” is a play, one of the thirty seven plays written by Shakespeare. The most famous Shakespeare plays are “Hamlet”, and “Romeo and Juliet’. But, all Shakespeare plays are good.
This story described a King of England in middle centuries. His name was Lear. He considered himself to be old and it would be better to retire from the duty as a king in order to enjoy his life in the rest of his declining years.
One day he summoned his three daughters to his presence and told them he wanted to give his kingdom equally to the three daughters. The first and second daughter can speak nicely to the king and received their share of kingdom smoothly. But, the third daughter could not speak well and offended the King. The king was angry and cancelled her share of kingdom. Instead her share was also divided to her two sisters.
As soon as the power of administration was transferred from king to his daughters, situation was changed drastically. The first daughter refused to let her father live in her territory in fear of his father’s loyal body guard of one hundred in number which might rebelled against her one day. Lear was forced to go to his second daughter, who also refused as her sister.
The king then, realized that he had made a fatal mistake which was now too late to regret. At end of the play, the king and the two daughters all died and how they died, you have to read the play.