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Jan 21 2017

Destiny Of Snake

In America, there is a town, near which is a big forest where many snakes of different kinds survive there. This town is famous to produce snake products, such as snake skin hand bags, pockets, shoes and boots.
Every year there is a festival of snake celebration. Many American snake experts go there to join competition, winner of which can get big amount of money as well as the name of glory. Some body will draw a square of ten feet long and erect a wooden fence on the ground. He will lie in the ground inside the fence and his assistant will put few hundred of poison snakes into inside the fence to test his bravery.
There is also an American old woman who depends her living on snake. She lives by the foot of a big mountain where is full of snake. She knows very well which hole the snake live. When the snake hunters come to this mountain, they will ask the old woman to guide. The condition is that she gets fifty percent of the snake.
Some Hong Kong people like to eat snake meat. When autumn comes, big quantity of snake will export to Hong Kong from China. Some Hong Kong snake restaurant supply snake dishes specially. Some young girls who cannot get jobs in other fields will also work in the snake restaurants, where over a thousand snakes are kept in the cage. When the girls see the snake for the first time, they are so afraid, but, when time goes on, they can handle snakes so easily, same as we handle our noodles. She has to handle few hundred snakes every day. First is to cut off its head, and then peeling its skin, cooking its body a little while. Last step is to take off bones, and finally meat can be cooked in any style.