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Jan 22 2017

Romeo And Juliet

This story was written by Shakespeare, known to all over the world. But, the content of the story is not fit for young people whose mind are shallow, unable to analyze the true meaning of love.
In the story, Romeo is only a boy of sixteen and Juliet is a girl of thirteen. They did not know what the love was. They only felt that by being together, they felt fun and happy. The worst thing was that they married after three days of acquaintance.
Due to the difficulty of Shakespeare word, most people only know the general idea of the story. They did not study the story sentence by sentence. Therefore many people think that Romeo and Juliet represent the meaning of true love, pure, unselfish, ever-lasting, neglecting that their love are very childish which lacked the foundation of reality. That was why when they came to reality, the end was in tragedy.
Now, we talk about the story. Romeo and Juliet were born to two different rich families which were hostile to each other Juliet was a family girl, knowing nothing about outside world. Romeo was a play boy fooling around in the street with his playing friends.
One day Juliet home held a masquerade, and Romeo came to this party with his friends. At that party, Romeo met Juliet and began to love each other. Only in three days together they went to a church to a priest whom they knew privately asking him to witness their marriage. The priest thought that it might be a good thing if they could marry to each other. Thus, hostility of two big families could be melted. He witnessed the marriage. Because of his so-called good intention, tragedy happened afterwards.