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Jan 23 2017

Free Style Trip

Nowadays many people like to travel. But, if you like to travel, you have to join tourist group whose professional knowledge can lead you to the places you desire. However, they can only show you the places for a very short time and do not allow you to stay longer to enjoy the places more deeply. It is just like that we ride a horse, passing the scene of beautiful flowers quickly.
Therefore, you must not expect that you can see the scenery of sever countries in seven days in which you actually only pass the immigration of seven countries. If you really wish to see the country, it is better to have some friends going together and join the local tour of that country. At the same time, you can reserve your own time for more private sight-seeing.
For example if you want to go to Finland, you can go to the capital of Helsinki, where you can find a local tour who will guide you to anywhere you like to see. Of course, you must have private hour to enjoy sauna bath which is now popular in big cities of the world, but sauna in Finland, the atmosphere is entirely different. You can go to a sauna bath house which is at the side of a river. When you stay five to eight minutes inside the sauna room, you will sweat like raining from body. You have to rush out and throw your body into river which is cold all year round. You will enjoy the feeling of extreme hot into extreme cold in a matter of few minutes.
Now, many people also like to go to Africa to see animal. In Africa, there are many camps in the animal zone. Those camps are like hotels which supply everything for tourists need. Such camps are in the middle of animal’s zone, but it is quite safe. At night, guards will be on duty to protect tourists who can see animals of different kinds during the day.