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Jan 24 2017

Slow Heart Beat

Turtle can live up to one hundred years, but rat only live two years. Why? It is because turtle acts slow and rat acts fast. The result is: “Act fast, live short, act slow, live long.”
We are human. Our heartbeat rate determines our life expectancy. For a young man, fast heart beating is not harmful. But, for a middle aged person, fast heart beating will make him to get older quicker. As for old person, fast heart beating is surely dangerous, leading him to die earlier.
Therefore, football and basketball are only good for young people. Those exercises are not fit for middle aged people. To elderly, any intense exercise will be a killer to them.
In China, we have many kinds of exercises, which we call “Kung Fu”. Among them, only “Tai Chi” is the most popular and long-lasting which are fit for middle aged people, especially for old ones. Other “Kung Fu” exercises are only for younger generation.
Another kind of exercise which makes your heart beat fast immediately is to get anger in an uncontrolled condition. Many old people died instantly because they are get angry easily which makes their heart vessels unable to bear the fast speed of blood circulation.
If we wish to delay our aging and not to die accidentally, we have to keep our mood peaceful all the time. Never get into anger against unpleasant things which we may encounter.