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Jan 25 2017

King Of Yongzheng

Yongzheng was the fourth son of Kangxi. After he got the throne, some people said that he secretly changed the contents of Kangxi will. But, the words might come from the mouths of his brothers who jealous of him getting the kingship.
Yongzheng was not as great as Kangxi to extend the territory of his country. But, he was a diligent king, working long hours every day to attend his duty. He took the king position at age of forty, died at fifty three. During the thirteen years, he worked extremely hard to handle the affairs of government and on the other hand, he had to watch with particular attention to his brothers who wanted to over throw him form throne.
Yongzheng was not an open-mirrored man. At the night before his kingship, he invited a group of his assistants who helped him to get the throne by doing something evil when he was a prince. But, in such a party of thanks, he poisoned all the persons to death in order to keep his evil-doing secrets forever.
He also had a romantic affair when he was a prince. Decade ago, his father sent him to a distance province to get something done. On passing a village, he fell in love with a country girl and had sex relationship. When he was back to capital, he forgot all about his romantic affairs. But, one day he met a beautiful maid in the palace. He took her as a concubine. When days went by, from her conversation, he found out that she was the daughter of his girlfriend decade ago. He was quite up-set by this unexpected event.
Yongzheng died at fifty three by over-work and by eating some pills which had poison effects to his body.