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Jan 27 2017

Today, Seize Mastery

The meaning of this mastery is not to other people, but to ourselves. The true purpose is to ask ourselves to live a positive, and meaningful life, throwing away our bad habit. We are human and like easy life and hate labouring. This is the nature of human. However, we need to change our character into a balance life. That is to enjoy and to work in our way of life.
To be mastery is to seize our time to do something useful to our life. For example, if we want to reduce our weight, we must not only stay in our thinking how to reduce, but, instead take action to reduce. Today we seize mastery to start. It is simple that from today we eat a little less in our meal, and by and by, in due course, our fat is slowly gone.
If we have a habit to drink and smoke, we wish to reduce the quantity. Today is the day to seize mastery to start. As long as we make a start, we shall then slowly and slowly go a way of non-drinking and non-smoking.
We have friends, of course, and have dinner parties, few times a week together. We may think a lot of time wasted in such parties and wish to reduce the frequency. Now, today is the time to start adjustment. We can reject the invitation from friends who are not important and slowly we can cut off unnecessary parties.
We also wish to start an exercise to keep our body fit. But, we do not start, but delayed and delayed. Today you seize mastery to start an exercise whichever you like.
Whatever you do, the most important is to keep persistency. Anything cannot be successful if you do not persist. Therefore, you must build your character to be persistent. If you cannot continue what you want to do, do not start.