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Jan 28 2017

New Year Snail

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. As a tradition, relatives and friends will visit each other in the New Year to say greeting and good wishes. Most people do not see each other during the year and now they use this New Year holiday to renew friendship.
During the New Year, children are so happy because they can play all day and get lucky money from adults. As for adults, they wish to have a peaceful year this year. For middle aged men, they wish to make more money for their enjoyment. Old men pray for their good health to live longer.
Now we are going to talk the philosophy of New Year snail which will be useful to the middle aged and old people alike. To snail, its shell is very heavy, but it carries the shell wherever it goes. The shell is its house without which it cannot live. To carry the house, snail needs good health to support. Therefore, snail must keep its health in sound condition.
We are human, and the house we live is like the shell to snail. We cannot live without a house. Therefore wealth is our house and to keep wealth is as important as our life. To keep the house, we need good health.
The situation is now very clear that we must pay full attention to have good health as well as wealth, lacking of either one will bring us disaster to which we must be full aware.
It is entirely to depend on your wisdom how to deal with your health and wealth. But, the principle is that you must have wealth in your life time, just like a snail to keep its shell while it lives.