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Jan 29 2017

Life By A Thread

In 1939 May, at East Coast of America, Portsmouth was a submarine base in a small town. One day a submarine sailed to sea, twenty five miles away, to practice their routine training. This was their 19th training, but in this training, accident happened. The tail part of the submarine was damaged and sea water rushed in, killing twenty six crews in a few minutes. The captain ordered to close the door in the middle part to save the crew of front part where there were thirty three crew, including captain himself.
Many ships on the surface of the sea were searching desperately for the disappeared submarine. Finally, they found the floating signal from the submarine. By the telephone in the signal, rescue team knew that there were still survivors in the sunken submarine.
Now this was the headline news all over the world. But, how to save the crew out from the sea bottom was a problem to the navy who could only wait for a miracle.
By God's grace, there appeared one man, a Swedish, also a naval man, who spent all his life to study how to rescue life from sunken submarine in the sea bed. He invented many instruments, but all were rejected by navy authority. Finally he invested with his own money to build an iron barrel, ten feet wide in diameter, twenty feet in height. The bottom could fit the size of gate exit of submarine. Of course, the barrel could only be tied up by iron chains from surface ship in the sea. Then the barrel would be slowly hung down to the life-gate of the submarine. Miraculously, all the thirty three peoples in the submarine were saved by this method.