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Jan 30 2017


Many people know that Blackbeard was the nickname of a Caribbean Sea pirate. His story was filmed in a movie. The movie has inclined to beautify the pirate to some extent and makes people to think that pirate was not so terrible and cruel. But pirate is pirate, and their jobs are to kill, to rob and to burn. They are not rational people, with philosophy to live only for today.
In Caribbean Sea, there were many pirates, but the Blackbeard was the most well-known and famous. Where do the pirates came from? They came from the sailors who once served for the England Navy, but when the war came to an end, they were abandoned by the Queen of England Anna.
In order to live, they became pirates in the Caribbean area where they knew very well and law could not control them. The Blackbeard was elected as captain by sailor to lead them. The rule of pirate is fair to everybody. Money and goods robbed must be equally divided to everybody. To say simply everything must be equally shared. Even such rule applied to human relationship.
One day, the Blackbeard went ashore to a village and there he met a family girl to whom he fell in love. He married her with solemn ceremony by witness of a priest in church. He stayed in village for a certain period and afterwards he brought his wife to the ship. But, entering the ship, he must follow the rule of pirate that his wife must be shared by every crew in the ship. His wife was so sad to face such destiny.
Finally, Blackbeard was shot to death by a bullet in a battle with the British Navy, thus ending his rebellious life.