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Jan 31 2017

Panama Canal

At the period of 1860, there was a French man, called Ritz who built a Suez Canal for Egypt. It was really a big construction that steamers could sail to and fro in a river at middle of desert. His name was known to all parts of the world.
In 1879, Ritz was seventy three. At the year he thought to bring the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean together by a canal to save eight thousand miles in steamers voyage. From the map, he found the shortest distance between Pacific and Atlantic was in Panama.
He went to Panama and asked Panama government for a right to build a canal. Panama government granted his request on condition that he must invest by his own finance. Due to the record of success in Suez Canal, he was easily to have obtained enough funds from investors.
He started from Pacific side and in the beginning period, the work was quite smooth. But, when his work progressed up to Panama, he met extreme difficulty. Over there, heavy rain fell day and night. Besides his workers suffered unknown disease and many died. Also his company faced financial problem and forced to declare bankruptcy. He died soon after in regret.
Seventeen years after, in 1905, American President Theodore Roosevelt, for benefit of his navy, continued this failed project. But, America engineers used another method by using a dam system. Due to huge finance, the canal completed in 1930.
We should remember this French gentleman Ritz. If he did not do the canal project, he might live long and enjoy fame of Suez. But, if without his start and failure, today’s Panama Canal may not exist.