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Feb 1 2017

Pirate Philosophy

Three hundred years ago, there were many pirates in the Caribbean Sea. They robbed the goods of the ships which passed by their sea territory. Why people wanted to be pirates? It was because that they wanted a life of gambling, drinking, fighting, women, even they face the risks of dying at any moment. They did not care to live a short life. They hate a life of hard worked in order to live long peacefully. It was the pirate philosophy.
In the reality of our life, some people have similar thought of pirate philosophy by which they apply to their dimly life. They do not offend public law, but offend their own survival law. For example, many people like to drink and drink to such a degree of drunken mood. After heavy drinking, they feel very happy physically and mentally and to them this was their real life. But, the consequence was that alcohol hurt every part of organs in their body and they fell into illness and finally death was their end. Still, many people would prefer to die in drunken, not like to live long in sober state. That is pirate philosophy.
In China, many successful rich people died in prime age before fifty. Why they died so young. It was because they enjoyed their life beyond their body limit. They drank and fooling around in night club up to deep at night. They enjoyed their happy moments without control and death was their reward.
Opposite the pirate philosophy is gentleman philosophy. It is dull and bore, getting up and sleep at regular hours, eat a balance diet, no night life. What they get is health and long life. Which is better? It depends upon our philosophy. You can select either one up to your liking.