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Feb 2 2017

Time And Life

What is time? Time is day and night which is every-lasting. Day gone, night come and night gone, day come, repeating and respecting forever.
We were born to this world in the period of night and day. From this enormous days and nights, we start our life from infant to old and then became dust.
Time is something of empty. We cannot see, cannot touch. But, our life is real. We have flesh and blood and we feel hunger and need food to eat. Therefore, we only care our life, neglecting the existence of time. But, to live our life well and to live long, we must know how to make to best use of time.
Anything good in our life, we need time to acquire. If we want good health, we have to go to gem more times or if we need a comfortable life, we have to work hard to earn money. To go to gem or to make money, we need time.
We cannot stop time. We can only use time when time goes by. Those, who know how to use time, are successful. Those who do not know how to use time, are in failure. Why some people live long, some die young. It is because those, who exercise and live a proper life, live long and those, who spend their time in crazy life, die earlier.
Therefore, we must know time and life are closely connected. We must use our time on the things which will bring us healthy life and do not use our time on unhealthy things.
As how to use our time, it entirely depends on our philosophy. Long life and short life are at our option.