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Feb 3 2017

Sad Life Of Orangutan

In the mountains of African Uganda, in the deep forest, where still live about seven hundred orangutans. But, their living spaces are getting narrower and narrower due to the fact that those high mountains are surrounded by many cities. However, those mountains are now turned to be Country Park which is under control of government and many scientists will have laboratory to study life of orangutan at the foot of the mountain. So far, the orangutans inside mountains are safe.
Among the seven hundred orangutans, there are several groups, and each group is against each other. For food and territory, they always fighting together. Orangutan are like human, and there are many problems in their family life. For instance, a family of three, father, mother, a child, one day, the child suffered serious wounds in falling down to the ground from a tree, but, instead of taking care the child, the mother left home to join another hostile group where she had a boyfriend. The poor father had to care his son by himself alone.
Ten years ago, at Tokyo, there was a very huge orangutan in zoo. His room was built by cement and brick, but nothing inside the room and he had to sleep on the ground in the night. During the day, he would stand or sit in the open yard outside his room. His eyesight showed no anger at all, but with a looking of helpless, loneliness, facing a future unknown life. He might be thinking about his old days in the forest or memorizing his happy moments with his family. But, his forest life is gone and he had to face an imprisoned life which set by human, up to the moment of his death. What could he do? It seems that being lonely to die was his final destiny.