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Feb 4 2017

Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds

Our everyday time is eighty six thousand four hundred seconds. We can do nothing by one second, but by countless seconds, a big building can be built from ground.
When we get up in the morning, what we have immediately is eighty six thousand four hundred seconds, poor and rich alike. But, how to use these eighty six thousand four hundred seconds is entirely depending upon ourselves. We may use the time to create our bright and comfortable future or we may waste our time for doing nothing.
We do not feel the passing away of one second from us, but it is the second which has made us from infant to old, and finally ending the journey of our life. Many young beautiful girls, slowly and slowly, through years of seconds, wrinkles begin to appear on their face.
We cannot stop time, we can only use the time or we can slow down the time. If we live a proper life, to sleep sufficiently, to eat a balance diet, to set a good plan to learn, to make friends, to enjoy our leisure time, time may be slow down to let us live longer and healthy.
Apart from working, we have to pay more attention to our family which is the pillar of our life. Without such a pillar, we shall be a wanderer. We shall have no one to care and no one will take care of us.
Every day, we must keep a positive spirit, to work hard, to enjoy fully. From the balance of hardship and pleasure, we achieve happiness by which we find the meaning of life. Therefore, starting now to seize the very second and by the accumulation of which we enjoy our true happiness forever and ever.