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Feb 5 2017

Hope And Fear

Decades ago, an American writer wrote a book called “The last leaf” describing an old woman who lied on a bed in hospital, waiting to die. Outside the window of her room, there was a tree with green leaves which she could see from her bed. When autumn fell down, the leaves began to be withered away slowly. She said to her friend that the day all leaves of the tree were gone, I would die. These words were heard by a painter who, with a good heart to help, drew a green leave on a piece of thin wood and shaped it to the size of a leave. He, then, hung it on the tree branch to be looked like a real leave. When autumn was gone, all the leaves fell to the ground except the imitation one, which still was together with the tree branch. This leave encouraged her to live on for more years.
During the World War II, there were many prisoners of war in Germany at concentration camp. One day, German army picked from the camp a soldier who was an American. German army tied the soldier in bed with eyes covered by a cloth. They told the soldier that they would cut a small hole in his arm for test purpose. From that moment onwards the soldier only heard the dim sound of his blood dropping to barrel. After few hours the soldier died. But, actually, the army did no harm to the soldier. They did not cut his arm. An action to cut was not real, just to fool the soldier. The dim sound of blood dropping was just a sound from a water tap.
Therefore, we can see that “hope” can make a person to live longer, and “fear” can drive a person to death.