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Feb 6 2017

Character Of Flesh eating Animal

Flesh eating animal has very special character. That is that Flesh eating animals never eat as food of another Flesh eating animals. Lion will kill wolf, but does not eat its meat. Its aim to kill a wolf is just to wipe out one more competitor who eats grass animals as food as same as the lion.
Lion is the king of animals. It is so when they are in group hunting. When lion is single, it is weak. If a single lion walks into the group of oxen, it will die. Oxen will kill the lion by horns and feet. Therefore, when lion is hunting, they usually go in group to catch big size animals.
Tiger is different from lion. It lives in the deep high mountain alone and of course it hunts alone too. Tiger has huge power to hunt big size animals such as ox, deer, wild goats. Tiger and lion never meet together because tiger in mountain and lion in plain, we do not know which is the strongest.
Wolf is a special kind animal. They are not afraid of lions and sometime they steal food from lions. They hunt in group, more organized. When hunting big animals, they are so brave to attack, never fear of being wounded or killed. This is the character of wolf.
Leopard always hunts with its brother. Their speed is fast, but they are unable to hunt alone due to their small size in body shape. Brother leopard has to cooperate together to kill one big animals.
Flesh eating animals are cruel and fierce, but their numbers are not too many because those small animals cannot live so easily from childhood to grown up due to scarce of food.