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Feb 7 2017

Away From Wheelchair

Now we can see many wheelchairs in the streets, some of them used by crippled people, but most of them are used by old persons. It is something which can be study on. Why old people like to sit in a wheelchair for going out? It is because they feel tired in walking by themselves. It is much comfortable to sit in a chair which will be pushed forward to anywhere by a maid under employment. But, when the old person starts to sit on a wheelchair, his life will be shortened immediately. He can only live his life for few years, not for decades.
For a human to live, we need muscle in our body. To build our muscle, the only way is to walk by our feet every day. To sit in a chair will diminish our muscle and once muscle gone, many kinds of illness will inflict into our body, thus causing our death nearer.
We know old people are weak, difficult to walk smoothly, but in order to live and to prolong life, old people must walk independently even walking slow.
Many old people will feel pain in their ankle and they will go to doctor who will tell them that it is the result of declination of bone muscle. The only way is to take rest and have injection to improve bone condition. But, it will not work fundamentally. Instead, it may be worse.
What we have to do is to walk by ourselves. By practicing our walk, the bone muscle will be reborn. Such practice was carried out by American medical organization and proven to be successful. Should we have painful ankle, do not be afraid, but walk slowly at home by the assistance of wall. In a few weeks, pain in ankle will be gone.