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Feb 8 2017

I Am Lonely

Most single ladies will say: “I am lonely.” Or some near old age people will also say such words. Children and young persons will never be lonely. For middle aged people who have families and works they do not feel lonely.
Generally single females who fell in love previously, now have less interest in love. Those ladies will strongly fell lonely in their daily life. At the same time, they are afraid to fall into love again. They have no trust in man. They prefer to be alone, but of course, loneliness is with them.
Then, we talk about the people who are nearing old age. Some men may have lost their wives and some women have no husband who died already. Those are lonely groups.
Such man wishes to have a woman to serve him, to wash dress and to cook food. And woman wishes to have a man to support her life in the rest of her days. Such groups of men and women wish to marry again not only to get rid of loneliness, but also to serve their life in reality.
Loneliness is made by ourselves. If we are a stronger, we may not be afraid of loneliness even we are alone. We can do many things in our life, in whatever way we like. Love is important to our life, but love should be built on the reality of our life. Then such love can have a strong foundation and ever-lasting. Shallow love is dangerous and finally it will hurt both parties of man and woman.