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Feb 9 2017

Keep Distance

Human to human, except family members, should have a certain distance to keep long relations. If friends are too close to each other, troubles may happen between themselves. This is the point that we should beware.
Old Chinese saying; “Gentlemen should keep shallow friendship to each other.” It is good in some point, but not entirely so. If we keep too shallow friendship, then friends will be like strangers. It is not very good in principle.
The best way is to keep a “fire place philosophy”. In winter, we may have a “fire place” at home. If we are too near to the fire place, our dress may get burned, but if we stay far away from “fire place”, we cannot feel warmness. Therefore, we need to find a suitable point where we can have our warmness, with neither burning nor coldness.
In our life, we need friends to help each other in case something happening to us. But we should be careful to select friends. Good friends can help us in many ways, either in thinking or material. Bad friends can only bring us trouble and even disaster, hurting us out of our imagination.
Even between husband and wife, a little distance is needed. It is better to let each other have a reasonable free time of their own. A fire place philosophy will be an enjoyment to them.
In old China, families of four generations usually live together. In surface, the old generation should be very happy to such atmosphere, but behind, it has so much trouble among the four generations since they live together.