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Feb 10 2017

What We See From Writing

We all can write Chinese characters, but someone can write good ones, some cannot. From the writing, we can find out whether he is in a peaceful mood or in a mood of disturbance. Furthermore, writing reflects his health condition.
Nowadays many people use computer to communicate with each other, seldom to use writing for communication. But, we still need to sign our name and write check books.
In ancient China, good writing is very important. Without good writing, you cannot be an government officer. But to write good is not easy, not only you have to practice very hard, but also you need talent. It is not that everybody can write good Chinese characters.
In Chinese history, Wang Xizhi was the person to write good Chinses characters. His characters are of free style, very elegant, very beautiful. He was the champion in the field of Chinese characters during the past few thousand years. But, unfortunately, he died at age of fifty nine. That showed his writing could not bring him peace when he was writing. If he was peaceful, he could have lived much longer.
If we want to be healthy and live longer, do not learn Wang’s style. Learn from other famous character writers, whose characters are of more solemn and peace. When you learn those styles of characters, your heart will beat slow and thus you will be healthy and as a result you can live longer.