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Feb 11 2017

Balance Of Everything

From nature, human, animals, we learn that everything is in a cycle of balance. It is the power of balance that the world exists eternally.
Everyone knows that the nature has day and night, sunny and rainy days, flood and drought, water and fire, winter and summer. All the balance makes the world in life.
We, human, especially depend on balance to continue our living generation after generation. When we are hungry we eat, tired, rest, cold to wear dress. Those are compulsory balance, or we will die.
But, in our reality of life, we need balance among human failing which we shall live a miserable life. This is the most difficult thing to do.
Apart from nature, the reality of the world is controlled by human. Some people hold power and some wealth. To those persons of power who make law, to which we have to obey. And some people of wealth, who will establish factories as well as enterprise to where we can get job for our living. This is the reality and we have to balance it to live.
Another balance is a balance with friends and family, even to our own selves. Such balance is nothing to do with our life of living, but to the life of spirit. If we can handle our such balance well, we shall be very happy spiritually or we live in a mood of dismay.
But, the most important is to balance ourselves. Why we have cancer, heart trouble, kidney problem and so on. It is because we do not balance ourselves well. If we live a decent life, we shall not be sick and live healthily forever.