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Feb 12 2017

Exercise And Rest

Between exercise and rest, which is important? We say rest is more important. It is because that if we have only exercise and no rest, we will be sick. But, rest will not make us sick.
Especially after strong exercise, such as marathon, climbing high mountains, we need rest immediately to remedy our muscle which we have lost in the exercise. If we do not take rest, we will be sick.
Decades ago, there was an American athlete who was a long distance runner who published a book to tell public the good news of running exercise. The reason of his death was very simple. He lacked a good rest.
Therefore, we need exercise to make our blood circulation run smoothly, but when we feel tired after exercise, we need to take rest immediately to remedy our body into normal condition.
Many years ago there was a Chinese Kung Fu star, Bruce Lee who was very famous in the Asia, but he died at an age below forty. It was due to his hard practice in Chinese Kung Fu and besides he lacked enough rest to recover his energy.
Exercise is important. Many people say: “Life depends on exercise.” But, we shall never neglect to rest after exercise as first importance. Middle aged men should put exercise and rest equally and to old men rest in ahead of exercise. If you follow this rule, you can then enjoy a good health and a long life.