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Feb 13 2017

Old People, Sad?

The right answer to this question is affirmative. Old people are sad. Every person will be old and will die. It is a cycle of life. Born, old, sick, death, are the words which describe the human life.
When old, our eyes will be dim, ears become deaf, teeth will be gone. Even they are still alive, the world no longer belongs to them. Flower blossom, and wither, and leaves fall down in autumn from tree. It is the picture of old persons.
But, in spite of the fact that whether we are happy or sad, we finally must be old and die. Since it is so, why not we live a happy life and decline sadness.
To live a happy life in our old age, we need preparation. When we are in the middle age, we should be very careful to keep our body fit to help us to live a sound life in our grave years.
In America, old people usually go to old folk’s home to spend their so called golden years. If he is rich, he will spend US$10,000 per month to live in a luxurious old folk’s home or he will live a $1,000 per month home if he is not rich.
But, for poor people, he can only stay at his home alone. In New York at Central Park, many old men sit in benches in winter’s time under sun shine. Those are poor groups who can only go to park where is the place to enjoy their open yard life.
Old age is like evening sun which is beautiful, but it can disappear in a matter of minutes. Therefore, old people should seize the moment of their old days, to be happy not to be dismayed. Life is like a dream, but as long as you can breathe, it is not a dream. It is a true life in reality.