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Feb 14 2017

Do Not Insult Money

Why many people make a lot of money in the first stage of their life, but finally they become poor. It is because they insulted money. What is the meaning of insult? They use their money wrongly and wastefully and do not use the money properly on the things they should use.
To insult money means to waste money. If you have a thousand dollars, you waste one hundred dollars. It is not a waste because you plan to waste. But, if you have only a hundred dollars and you waste it all. It is a real waste. That is the insult of money.
Money has life which does not like a miser to lock the money and on the other hard it hates the people to waste money blindly. Money likes to have a master who will use money wisely with a clear purpose, not waste.
In Tang dynasty, there was a famous poet Li Bai who just wrote a few poems for the King and received a reward of one thousand ounces of gold. But, he wasted all his gold very quickly. He hoped the King would ask him to write poems again, but the King asked him no more.
It is because Li Bai insulted gold which disappeared and never came back. We, of course, will not be slave of money, but we must be kind to money as a good friend to be together forever.
From the reality point of view, if we do not want to insult money, we must have savings. We do not know what will happen to us tomorrow, may be luck, may be disaster, who knows? Therefore, our savings may help us in some way if we do have disaster. Money is not everything, but money helps us a great deal in many ways of our life.