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Feb 15 2017

Delay Aging

Everybody will be old and will die. That is the cycle of life. No need to discuss. But, one thing we can study is how to delay our aging. We may live to ninety, but to be like seventy of age in looking and in energy, or sixty to look as fifty. This can be done if we have determination and will power.
But, we have to start preparation from age of forty. That is that we have to forbid drinking alcohol and away from smoke, with no night life at all. We should live a proper life every day, to sleep enough, to eat a balanced diet, to exercise daily. Moreover, never be excited and angry, always making our heart beat slow and keep blood pressure low.
And in the reality of our life, we must be content with what we have. Do not be greedy to seek things more and more, better and better.
Do not compare with others. If we are inferior, we will feel unhappy, or if we are superior, we will feel proud. Both are not good which make our heart beat irregularly.
But, you must compare with yourself, always eager to get ahead to make our life better. God can make human in a body shape, but He cannot make human heart as good as He wish. We have to make our heart ourselves whether we shall be good or evil, our heart will decide.
To have a good thinking of heart, we need to read more books from which we know what we should do and what should not.
From books we know how to prevent our body from illness, not to see doctor and eat medicine. Such knowledge can only be obtained from books.