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Feb 16 2017

Food Prevent Illness

Medicine is used for curing illness, but with side-effect. Every medicine contains a small percentage of poison which is not fatal, but doing something bad to the organs of our body. If we eat food, surely there will be no poison at all. Therefore, for our health, we should eat more food to keep our body strong
We, Chinese, of course, take Chinese medicine to cure our illness. But, thinking deeply, Chinese medicine is very dirty. The material is from tree leaves, grass of certain kind or special flowers which grow in the high mountains, plus organs of animal, such as snake, rat and some insects, big or small alike. All those materials will be dried under the heat of sun and then those materials, by the instruction of Chinese doctor, will be used as medicine. Those medicines will be put in water and to be cooked for hours until the water becomes black colour. The patient will drink black liquid to cure their illness. Such practice has been carried out in Chinese medical field during the past few thousand years.
Therefore, we had better avoid taking medicine, either in Chinese way of black liquid or in Western way of pills. We should eat food to get rid of illness. Food is the basic foundation of our health.
When we eat food, we should eat meat and vegetable combined to make balance nutrition. We may neglect another kind of liquid food which is water. Water is important to wipe out poisons in our body that we may get chemical ingredient from food we eat daily.