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Feb 17 2017

Reject Other’s Secret

Many people like to listen other’s secret. It is not a good behavior which will bring you trouble or even disaster. Unless you are a reporter of a small newspaper, you should be away from other’s secret.
For example, when you meet a friend who told you that he had a secret to tell you, and asked you to keep secret. In such case, you had better to be away from this secret and decline to listen this secret. Or you will be involved in the other people affairs which had nothing to do with you.
At the same time, you tell your secrets to your friends and asked him to keep secret for you. Do not do such foolish things. Once you told your secret to one person, it will be known to many people.
In ancient China, there was a general who had an assistant to help him to solve many things. One day, the general told the assistant that he would kill him. The assistant was afraid and asked general why he should kill him. The general said that he knew too much secret about the general. The general killed the assistant immediately.
In our reality of life today, there is no risk of endangering our life even we know other’s secret. But, still we will get trouble if we know other’s secrets too much. Better keep alone, neglecting other’s affairs, which if we interfere, will give us troubles in many way.
If we do not listen other’s secrets, we will be very peaceful in our personal life. And at the same time, never tell our secrets to anybody since our secrets have nothing to do with other people. Live our life in peace forever.