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Feb 18 2017

Woman, A Flower

When a girl reaches at age of fourteen, she feels that she is qualified to fall in love with a boy. If she is at twenty and still no boyfriend, she will feel disappointed.
Woman is like a flower, quick to blossom, quick to wither. Youth age is not very long. Actually it is not. A woman’s youth age should be up to forty nine which was written in a King’s Medical book.
King’s book, which was the bible of Chinese doctors, was written four thousand years ago by a group of doctors who were employed by the King to write this medial book. It said that a woman can be youthful up to forty nine after which her body will be withered and slowly going to be wrinkled in her face. Women at that age are mostly unhappy because they know that their youth has gone away.
Every woman is afraid of aging. It is better to compliment them that they are still looked young even they are old. An example we can see. In Tang dynasty, there was a woman King Wu Zetian. When she was eighty, she still controlled power of government. She had two young men to accompany him in palace. One day she asked one of the young men: “Am I old now?” The young man replied: “No, you are not old, you still look young.” The King Wu Said: “You do not speak truth, but I like to hear your untrue word.”
From here we can see that when we meet any woman whether she is young or old, we must say she is looked young. Such compliment is the best medicine to make any lady happy whenever you encounter.