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Feb 19 2017

Love No More

Love has two kinds. One is from blood relation and another is from male to females. Love between male and female is complicated. It can change from time to time, similar to weather. Love cannot be seen and touched. It can only feel, a feeling of uncertainty.
If lovers falls in love, they will love so deeply that nothing in this world is more important than their love. That is why in Shakespeare plays Juliet of thirteen, and Romeo of sixteen, will die for love. It is because that they were children and thought that love was more important than life. But, in the adult mind, life is important than love.
In the reality of our life, when a male and a female fall into love, their aim is to marry, failing which they will separate. It is normal in general case. But, still, many couples, even after their marriage, will separate and devoice. Divorce rate is quite high, around forty five percent based on world record. Some people, who regretted after divorce, re-married again. But, the chance of those couple will again separate would be even more than ninety percent.
Therefore, it is better not to consider divorce idea after you married. You must try your best to honor a solemn marriage which is protected by law.
But, when you have divorced, it is just like a river stream, once the water is gone, it is gone forever. Do not try to get together again. Many things in the world can be remedied, but in love affairs, no remedy at any circumstance.