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Feb 20 2017

Ankle Pain Self-Cure

Later stage of a middle aged man and early stage of an old man usually will have ankle problem which is painful in walking. In general case, patient will go for a doctor to seek assistance. The doctor will say that cartilage in your ankle is diminished and thus bones clash together, producing pains while walking. To settle this painfulness, he suggests that A. have an operation to put artificial cartilage into ankle. B. injects needle pain every week. C. takes analgesic medication.
In most cases patient will take pills which stop pain instantly. But, there will be side effect from taking pills which contains poison ingredients anyway. Slowly your body will feel unwell as a consequence.
According to a survey by an American scientist who said that cartilage will be resumed through a course of time. Cartilage is like muscle which will be re-born through good rest and exercise.
In China, there was an old man of sixty five, twenty years ago. He could not walk because of ankle pain. But through his persistence in walk every day, he slowly recovered to normal walk without pain. Now, he is eighty five, still alive, walking normally as everybody does.
Another old man of seventy, also in China, he had very serious pain in his ankle. But, he insisted to walk, with his hands against wall. Such practice continued a month, and pain was gone. Five years have passed and now he can walk easily to any where he likes.
Therefore you can cure your ankle pain through walking by yourself regardless your age.