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Feb 21 2017

Make Tumor Shrink

When we reach at middle age, we may grow a tumor inside our body. Why we will have a tumor? It is because a little surplus of our food we eat every day cannot be digested properly and it sticks to our organ. By the time goes on, oil from food mixed together with the surplus in our body and forms a tiny ball. Through years, oil of our food makes the ball bigger and bigger until one day we feel pain in our body.
We will, of course, go to doctor who, after a check, will tell us that there is a tumor inside our body. A further check may reveal whether it is a bonier tumor or a malignant tumor. If it is of bonier, problem is easy, just cutting it off by operation, but if it is of malignant, problem is serious. We know that malignant cells are cancer which, if they spread, is doomed us to death.
Therefore, what we are going to do is not to let the tumor getting bigger, and let it keep unbroken. At the same time, we should not eat anything with oil, but eat vegetables, fishes, and rice, which, even without any oil, can still support our health in good condition.
Slowly and slowly the tumor, without further oil to make it bigger, and instead it will shrink gradually in a year or two. In such a case, you can keep your life alive and devil of cancer cannot attack your body. It is a simple way, but this method will help you to be alive for many years ahead.