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Feb 22 2017

How To Manage Finance

Whether you are rich or poor, you must know how to manage your finance, failing which you will fall into financial troubles. Poor people will have more debts and rich will lose their fortune.
But, how to manage a good finance? First thing is to make a budget, to plan not difficult, but to execute it is not easy. Without a firm determination, we cannot carry the budget into action smoothly.
The key importance of a good financial management is that you must have surplus, regardless small or big. To say simple, you must have savings which are to be deposited in bank. We know that weather is changeable every day, so does our life. We do not know tomorrow and something may fall upon us unexpectedly which, in most cases, need money to solve. Saving is the tool to meet emergency.
A man may have income of dollars one hundred thousand a month, but, due to his inability to manage, he is always short of money. On the other hand, a man with dollars ten thousand a month can have surplus since he is able to manage finance.
The person, who knows how to manage finance, can live a comfortable life and the one who does not will always worry about his finance tomorrow.
If we have enough income to cover our daily living expense, we are not poor people. A rich lady may buy a hand bag with more than ten thousand dollars, but a poor lady can buy a lower quality with one hundred dollars. In practical use of the bag, it is the same, only a vain glory, making the difference is the bag.