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Feb 23 2017

Old Folk’s Home Better Not

There is an American novel, describing about a rest-home in Switzerland. It is based on the foundation of reality with an imaginary story about the life of patients in the rest-home.
The rest-home was located on the top of a high mountain in Switzerland, with very beautiful view, overlooking to the city down below. Its construction was very glorious and medical equipment was the most advanced and modernized. They only accepted retired persons of multimillionaire to be their clients.
Based on the novel the executive of this rest-home was a man of abnormal. When millionaire went into this rest-home as patient, they could not go out any more. It is because that the executive have ways to make the client who would wish to stay in the rest-home at their own will until they died.
In the reality of life that Switzerland’s rest-home was actually the old folk’s home for multimillionaire from all over the world. The rest-home provided everything best to the client on request, but, only one thing from rest-home is to ask patients to remain in the rest-home forever. This was what the novel wrote about.
Although it is something not real, yet we feel a little truth behind. Therefore it is better not to live in the old folk’s home. If you go to a bad old folk’s home, you may be hurt in some way or the other.
Life belongs to ourselves, we shall control our life by ourself, not to depend on pills, injection, or doctors. We must hold our life in mastery.